You may have heard the music of Alexander O’Neal, but what do you really know about him?

All True, Man is his incredible story, one which lays bare the life of a fatherless black man growing up in the Deep South of America, the racial hatred he saw every day. How in the frenzy of the battle for Civil Rights he saw a neighbour blown to bits in his car by a white supremacist’s bomb.

Alex escaped from the grinding poverty and hatred of Mississippi thanks to the gift God gave him, his voice.

He made Minneapolis his home and in this more racially tolerant city he found his place as the leading black artist in the city.

Alex never took the easy road. His addiction to cocaine saw him spend the fortune music gave him. His violent relationships with wives and girlfriends – nine children along the way – a type of behaviour it took him years to overcome.

His first chance for international success slipped through his fingers when Prince first hired, then fired Alex from a new band he was forming. He has never given his version of what happened, it’s only now in All True, Man that he breaks his silence.

When the breakthrough did come Alexander O’Neal became one of the biggest names on the planet and for years he rode the wildest rollercoaster you could imagine.

All True, Man is a searing, sometimes shocking confession of what life in the fast lane was like.

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All True, Man - Official Autobiography

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